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Hi, I'm Wylke. seventeen. Indonesian. I support Arsenal FC a lot, and I'm a proud Goonerette. I also support England and Germany NT, and I do love Steve Gerrard also admire him. so this blog will be mainly about it, and some random things :)
On the 10th day of the 10th month, we’re left with 10 members


this means each of our bias will get an MV on their own guys guys it has finally come


Oh my goodness… really? *-*

Agak panjang, tapi pleaaase banget dibaca ya. Thanks :)

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ChanSoo = Love ^^ (x)


how D.O high-fives his fans.

Suho’s ideal type revealed: Long-haired Luhan (lol he can’t even deny)


Xabi Alonso dando un paseo con Emma

he’s really a good father :”)