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Hi, I'm Wylke. seventeen. Indonesian. I support Arsenal FC a lot, and I'm a proud Goonerette. I also support England and Germany NT, and I do love Steve Gerrard also admire him. so this blog will be mainly about it, and some random things :)
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Lukas and Mesut in training session pre Bayern-Arsenal

They look so happy :”) Especially Mesut. He has got his form back :)

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Another deleted Frozen song :-)

This is between baby Elsa and Anna

Sung by the songwriters’ children and the songwriters

oh my god. I freaking love this picture :p

oh my god. I freaking love this picture :p


Happy Birthday Xabi


adidas Samba UK Photoshoot


 Harry, Kate and Wills visiting the Harry Potter Studio, what could be more British?


Yep,pretty much :D


Yep,pretty much :D

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did my own cover of demi lovato’s skyscraper.

too embarrassed to say anything else. but everyone listening to this audio is very much appreciated! :-)

YOUR COVER IS SO GOOD!! :D don’t be embarrassed!